Kurula Air

South Africa has only really developed recently and is setting standards for the rest of Africa. Of course, one of the main growth areas is the aviation industry. In the 1990s, South Africa actually had only one airline, which was a national airline called SAA, South Africa Airlines. Due to the monopoly, prices have remained high, and few people can afford to fly. The service level is also very low, because without competition, people have no choice but to fly with them. But that all changed when the first low-cost airline entered South Africa.

Although low-cost [no frills] airlines have been operating in the US and the UK for some time, South Africa didn't make its first flight until 2001, and it's called Kulula. Kulula is actually an African word meaning "easy / simple". Kulula is owned by British Airways subsidiary Comair.

Kulula offers an alternative to SAA at a much cheaper price. The main difference is that you didn't get food or drinks on the way, but since most domestic flights in South Africa fly less than 3 hours, they are very consistent with consumers. As a result, the popularity of Kulula began to grow. Another interesting fact is the way they promote the airline and its employees. They took a leaf from South West Airlines and positioned themselves as a fun and relaxed airline. Not only are the ads interesting, but the staff members are actually telling jokes and interacting with customers on the flight. This made them very popular and got word-of-mouth help because most people who fly over them will love it.

Despite increased competition, Kulula continues to grow and has actually expanded to other related companies. They can now rent a car, book a hotel, or even their own membership card.