Turkey Behaviour-Simple Tips to Understand Turkey Behaviour

Some children want dogs or cats to be their playmates every day. But some people think that rare animals are their pets. Many of you may find it unusual to own a turkey pet. But as you know, turkeys have been kept as pets for decades. In fact, Abraham Lincoln's son used the turkey as his first pet for a White House turkey because of his social turkey behavior.

Farm Sanctuary, one of the animal protection groups, testified that turkeys are smart and sociable animals. In terms of companionship and reliability, they can be compared to dogs. Former U.S. President George W. Bush pointed out in a 2001 National Thanksgiving speech that using turkeys as pets is an ancient and still-standing tradition of this generation and therefore recommends continued use.

There are two types of turkeys, depending on their breed and behavior. One is a wild turkey and the other is a domestic turkey. Domestic turkeys were born and live on commercial poultry farms and are used for Thanksgiving dinners only. They are fed pellets and other commercial artificial feeds. Domestic turkeys do not have the ability to fly because they are only kept in a cage, providing them with food and warmth daily, but not allowing them to move their wings. They do not have any intelligence functions like wild turkeys.

Don't be afraid to keep wild turkeys as pets because of their names. Some people think they are turkeys because they are turkeys. They are called wild turkeys because they are born in the wild and live in a natural way without being restricted by diet and life. They can fly freely because they are born free. Some people think they are smarter than domestic ones, which is why many people like them as pets.

It is best to keep a male and female turkey to keep the turkey happy and lively. The usual turkey behavior of wild male turkeys is loud gurgling and rattling. When they want to mate with female turkeys, they are also devouring and fluffing feathers. They will spread their wings and take a big mouthful at the same time to make women notice them. You will also observe them running back and forth. This is another attractive strategy for attracting women. These are common signs that a female turkey or hen is ready to mate. You will then determine who is the dominant Tom and who is not. Usually, dominant male turkeys will be the first to mate, while other male turkeys will try to mate with the dominant turkey not around or watching.