The main reason for getting an insurance policy for a family holiday

Holidays don't have to take a month's epic journey to travel around the world. In fact, some of the simplest holidays in your own country with a short break may be the best.

If you want to travel long distances abroad, you can choose an insurance, but many people think they can travel short distances without leaving. This is not the case – short domestic travel is as important as longer domestic travel.

Plan change

This may be one of the main reasons for getting full travel insurance, which will cover you and your rest time. Sometimes the flight will be cancelled or delayed so that you may miss a local travel contact. Whether you are flying to a place and then taking the train, or traveling long distances to your final location, you may be able to change your travel plans. And when these things happen [for example, an unusual storm delays all ferry trips or a closed train station], you will know that you are financially better, no matter what.

Lost baggage

Another important reason for organizing travel insurance even in close proximity to home is that it can compensate for the possibility of losing luggage on domestic flights or other local transportation. Although you don't usually lose your luggage at home as you do abroad, you still feel inconvenience when the flight takes you to your destination but takes your property to another part of it. country! If this happens, it's best to cover it.


As elsewhere in the world, you are likely to lose personal property due to theft nearby. Unfortunately, unethical operators around the world prey on unsuspecting tourists. Be sure to cover all the expensive items you may carry with you.

Cover up everything possible

There are many things that can go wrong when it comes to family vacations. Car accidents, car breakdowns, accommodation chaos, train and bus delays – just make sure your insurance policy takes into account all possible accidents. Even if you are the most organized traveler, there is no harm in getting extra protection just in case.