Budget travel

Everyone wants to travel away from home, but for most people, this requires long-term savings or a credit card hold as a hostage. Traveling requires proper preparation, research, and good advice from people who have been to the specific destination you are interested in.

Trip budgeting requires a lot of research before the trip. Don't be fooled by the flamboyant advertising of airlines, travel agencies or companies. They won't tell you the disadvantages of going to a particular place, and you don't want to find difficult ways.

Here are some tips for traveling within your budget:

1. Find out the ticket price, including taxes, insurance premiums [these costs may add up]

2. Do some comparison shopping for airlines. Ask about any upcoming customer promotions or incentives. Get a specific date.

3. If you are single or traveling alone, try to have your travel partner accompany you.

4. Make sure you know a lot about the hotel you will be staying at. Call the hotel and ask a question.

5. See if the hotel receptionist can tell you a safe place for locals to eat [those restaurants are cheaper than eating in a hotel], but you have to be very careful.

6. Find out when it's not the hotel's rush hour [this is the best time to lower your rates]

7. Pack a sandwich for your travel. Most domestic flights sell food, and airport food is very expensive. If you're traveling abroad, it's quite different.

8. If possible, buy your travel package from a travel agency [usually cheaper when you buy in advance], but ask the travel agency to recommend the highest-priced package.

9. Pack up to three swimwear. This prevents you from buying more items when you need them, or when one gets wet, you will buy two more.

10. Find a hotel with a microwave and refrigerator

11. Go to your local grocery store and buy food that lasts at least two or three days.

12. When dining out, bring the rest to the hotel room. You may be able to use it at dinner.

13. You may not need to rent a car. Book a hotel near all shopping areas.

14. Before traveling, decide how much you are willing to spend each day and try not to exceed your budget.

15. Hotels usually offer free nightly entertainment for every guest, and you are no exception. However, you should buy at least one beverage. Do that. Buy a drink and you may be lucky to be asked for a drink. You will never know.

16. Include at least one good night's meal in your budget so that you can experience new cuisine, but choose a good local restaurant or choose a restaurant with a reasonable price.

When you're ready, travel can be very fun. Something unexpected can happen, but in most cases, when you know what you're making, you can make a fantastic trip.