Greece: Be prepared before travelling!

Travel Guide Roundup: Greece

[Mykonos, Santorini + Athens]

+ Amy's "Universal Dream" Journey to help you Plan your trip and what to do + see when you are here!

This includes all the airlines I've flown, the hotels I've stayed at, and things I've done, recommended or not recommended.

When: We went to the beginning of September [soon after Labor Day], the population decreased, but there was no death. In late September / October, the season is over.

+ Suitable time to visit, milder weather, price + crowd: April-June and September-early October. High season = crowds and higher prices


Direct flights to Athens and transfer to Mykonos → Ferry to Santorini → Flights to Athens → Home

Airline used: Air Canada and Brussels Airlines on international flights, Aegean Airlines on domestic flights

Ferry company: Greek Hokkaido, I recommend booking as soon as the site allows


+ Mykonos: Hotel Palladium

+ Santorini: Homer Poems

+ Athens: New Hotel in Athens

Famous restaurants:

+ Mykonos: Alte-Italy

+ Santorini: Skaros Fish Restaurant

Attractions / Activities:

+ Mykonos:

• Beach: Paradise Beach is the party beach of Cavo Paradiso Dance Club. Platis Gialos is a quiet beach, but you might attract more celebrities here!

• Little Venice: must do! At a restaurant here during the day, enjoy the picturesque scenery

• Windmill [Kato Myli]: Ideal for taking pictures and quickly aiming

• Delos Island: Day Trip to Delos Island [one of the ferries in the new port]

+ Santorini / Thira:

• Sailing on Santorini:

We took part in a semi-private day tour [instead of sunset] for € 135 per person, but we booked online and got a discount of € 90 per person! This special rate includes: round-trip transfer from your hotel to the pier + snorkeling equipment and lunch.

// Lunch = Unlimited soft drinks, water, wines from local breweries, Greek BBQ with fresh meat and seafood, Greek salad, bread and dipping sauce.

• Fira's gondola: Stunning gondola goes to the old port. The cable car towers down from the edge of the volcano, floats 300 meters down, and passes through extraordinary solidified lava flows and rock formations.

• Kamari: Black Pebble Beach

• Winery: White wine is particularly popular [some wines near Kamari Beach]


• Ruins of course:

We used a private guide

// His name is Nick and his email is: taxelservicenick AT

travel expenses:

Acropolis [Parthenon]

Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, Toman and Ancien Greek Bazaar 12 Euro

Temple of Zeus

12 Euros [$ 16.05 USD]

The first modern Olympic stadium

3 euros [$ 4.01]

Changing of the Presidential Guard


Roman and Ancient Greek Agora

Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, Toman and Ancien Greek Bazaar 12 Euro

Plaka [Old Town]


Lucavidos, mte.

Free [Mountain View]

New Acropolis Museum

5 euros [$ 6.69]

National Archaeological Museum

7 euros [$ 9.36]

money: I haven't done any redemption before, and instead chose to use ATMs at the airport and Mykonos. Alphabank didn't charge me for ATM fees either! I prefer to use my credit card as much as possible [get a credit card with 0% foreign transaction fee] because it is more secure + cash for small items, goods purchased when negotiating + tip.

Safety: Greece is usually a safe destination for the typical traveler. Most people on these islands and around Athens are used to tourists [which keeps their economy running], but beware of hanging out in Athens at night and staying in a well-lit area. Just like in any big city, pay attention to your luggage and valuables for pickpocketing.

Random suggestions, tips and tricks:

+ When arriving to the ferry to another island, you will leave your luggage with others under the deck and then go directly upstairs to your seat [bring a book or prepare to sleep]. There are also opportunities to take photos on the deck.

+ In most dining establishments and hotels-tipping is almost required,

+ Go to the beach early to get a beach chair or good luck later

+ Delos Island: Wake up early to catch the first or second ferry, then return to the first. Helpful guide

+ Sunscreen + bottled water is a must

+ It is strictly forbidden to take photos of military installations or other important locations, so please be aware of any signs that prohibit photography

+ Go watch the guard change at Athens [with some nice snapshots]

+ Bring a light coat or sweater at night-especially on Mykonos.