Pool table resale value

Keep in mind the resale value when buying or owning a pool table. In most cases, a pool table can be associated with a car. Once you fire this new car, its value will be greatly depreciated. In most cases, so is your table. However, just because it depreciates does not necessarily mean that it is worthless after purchase.

It is important to mention that there is a difference between the quality of each particular brand. Generally, you can divide them into two categories. Mass production and domestic heirloom. Now, generally mass-produced tables are cheaper products of lower quality, while household heirlooms will be custom solid wood products.

At the domestic heirloom level, brand awareness does affect resale value. However, in most cases, the more generic the name, the more generic the table, which means that in the long run, the less you will get. This is simply due to the "popular" style flooding the market. The more well-known products will still depreciate significantly, but even with "universal" models, you will still get more than half of the profit.

After initial installation, finished or "imported" tables are usually depreciated by more than 80%. Usually, these models require more work before presenting realistic resale. On average, you can expect a resale of one of the pool tables to cost no more than $ 500.

When people go out and buy a used pool table, they trust the brand name more than other brands. These watches are durable. In most cases, apart from the table, the only thing they need to pay is professional relocation costs, and perhaps a new billiard tablecloth.